CDSlayer for MediaPortal

CDSlayer for MediaPortal


CDSlayer is a plugin for MediaPortal, that lets you rip your CDs to Ogg Vorbis format (more formats on the way).
It automatically tags the music files with information from’s database and places them in your default music directory.
The main design criteria is simplicity. That is minimal configuration (none at the monent), so the novice user is able to make a quality rip with a minimum of effort.


  • Tags music files with info from freedb.
  • Handles normal albums (single artist) as well as compilation albums.
  • Ogg Vorbis, MP3 and FLAC encoding.
  • Music files are saved to your default music directory automatically.
  • File are named from music information.


CDSlayer Version 0.7

New in version 0.7

CD Slayer has now got settings. They are accessed through
“MediaPortal Configuration” –> “Plugins”. You can adjust:
– MP3 quality settings.
– Ogg Vorbis quality settings.
– Default rip folder.

Version 0.6

  • New version of FLAC encoder 1.2.1.
  • New version of Ogg Vorbis encoder: Lancer [20061110](SSE2) based on aoTuV b5.
  • Default MP3 encoder settings are adjusted so they fit the recommendation by for optimal sound quality.
  • Some user interface optimizations.


  1. Copy the folder ‘Plugins’ to the root of your MediaPortal install directory
    (e.g. ‘C:Program FilesMediaPortal’)
  2. Copy ‘oggenc.exe’ to the root of your MediaPortal install directory
    (e.g. ‘C:Program FilesMediaPortal’)
  3. Copy ‘CDSlayer.xml’ to your default skin directory
    (e.g. ‘C:Program FilesMediaPortalskinBlueTwo’)

ToDo / Bugs

  • On some systems the GUI freezes while ripping. This however does not effect the final outcome.
  • Quality settings
  • Rip directory settings
  • Selection between freedb search results

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